About us

Students’ Interfaculty Scientific Association for Biology

The SISAB associates students from different faculties of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The members take an interest in different branches of biology.

Working in the SISAB gives them experience in organisation, guides their interests and helps them to find their future occupations or simply enables them to realize their passions.

Our aim is to carry out small scientific projects within the framework of two sections one botanical and the other zoological. All projects are supervised by professors of the WULS or from other scientific institutions.

We present the results of our research during the Annual Review of Students’ Scientific Organizations existed in the WULS, national reviews of the achievements of students’ and at scientific conferences.

Since establishment 2000 we have arranged about 20 expeditions in Poland and to other countries. We conduct experimental cultures of plants and animals.

We organize in-lab seminars as well as field workshops.
The SISAB cooperates in the field of nature protection with Polish as well as foreign institutions.

Our achievements

  •     participating in the restitution of the noble crawfish to the waters of Mazowsze Lowland

  •     recording rare slug species (Vertigo angustior) in the Mazowsze Region.

  •     the inventory of the herpetofana of Mazowsze

  •     participation in the inventory of habitats and plant species of the sites protected under NATURA2000.

  •     the description of the anatomy and mechanisms of tentacle movement in some species from the genus Sundew (Drosera)

  •     participating in phytocoenological inventory of Eastern Carpatian Biosphere Reserve.

The SISAB cordially invite all those interested in cooperation.

We enjoy organizing educational meetings and courses for primary and secondary schools.

We encourage to visit our yearly exposition, held during the Days of WULFS (19-21 may).

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